The first signs of Spring at Holbeach Meadows

29 March 2023

The first signs of Spring at Holbeach Meadows

Holbeach Meadows residents have spotted the first sings of spring this week on their walk around the gardens. The maintenance team have been out gutting the crass, bulbs have just begun sprouting and the weather has started to warm up.

Residents have spent time this week replacing their winter tree pictures with spring tree’s for the upcoming season.

With the days staying lighter for longer and the slight rise in temperature the anticipation of summer is in the air.

The residents of Holbeach Meadows enjoy being surrounded by outdoor spaces, where they can spend time planting bulbs, taking in the fresh air, and exercising. The home has plenty of social events planned throughout the spring and summer, and our gardens are the perfect spot for friends and families to spend valuable time with their loved ones, in the safe space of our home.

With Easter celebrations planned for the coming weekend, our residents enjoyed the opportunity to have a peaceful walk around the grounds in preparation for a weekend filled with activities, games, sweet treats, and celebrations.

Our residents are looking forward to spending more time outside in the coming months.

Holbeach Meadows is located at the heart of a new housing estate on Daisy Road in Holbeach. 66 spacious bedrooms all offering ensuite wet rooms. The home boasts a range of facilities including hair and nails salon, communal lounges, dining areas and a home cinema.

Find out more about Holbeach Meadows Care Home or call us at +44 1406 842005.

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